Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dear Sister, Be Thankful!

Dear Sister,

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Do you realize this will be the first Thanksgiving we will be celebrating together in 7 years! I pretty excited about that!

We get frustrated by a lot of things: the world, brokenness in the world, and our inability to fix the world.  I know you hate it when you can't fix the brokenness you see around you.  I know you hate it when life gets disorganized and you feel inadequate to organize it.  My revelation for you is you don't have to be the fixer!

Our God is greater than all the chaos of messy life and has sent His Son to redeem us from our brokenness.  When your kids are covered in mud from the backyard, or your home is organized chaos and you feel inadequate to fix the chaos remember... Jesus is the fixer.  You don't have to be perfect or always adequate because God gives grace to cover all our brokenness!

So on this Thanksgiving, celebrate that grace.  Be grateful for the covering of grace our Lord has supplied.  He is in charge of fixing the world's brokenness, not you.  So relax, eat some good food, and be thankful for God's amazing grace.

Love always,
Your sister

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