Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Some days...Part 3


Perspective is so important and so hard to hold on to sometimes.

Perspective is what keeps the teacher from giving up, the inventor from walking away after the first rejection, and the boy in love from never asking again when the first girl turns her nose up at him.

Perspective (and perseverance) keep a Christian from throwing the towel in when sin and doubt crowd your mind.

We have all had those moments when we look at life and don't know how we will live, much less survive, with our sanity.  But in that moment, every once in a while, you remember that you have so many things that are important and valuable.  You remember that you do have all your faculties, a house, a job (no matter how shitty), a family (no matter how crazy).

But sometimes, it isn't that easy.  So try.  Try to remember because perspective will help with some days.

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