Tuesday, August 6, 2013

words, courage, and learning

I like people.  I like talking.  I like learning.  When you put all those things together, you come out with a unique experience.  I am told that I am intimidating because I "grill" people - asking hard questions, trying to understand the hearts and minds of people.

When I ask these questions, I fear that people see my curiosity and questioning as purely argumentative.  I do not ever want this to be the perception and am doing my best to combat that image.  Questions are hard.  They require answers that we don't always like to admit in the open - or at all.  But the world we live in requires that we ask and answer hard questions that often change.

This blog, as it embarks, is mine and my sister's place to ask and answer the hard questions.  A place where we can think out loud and not be afraid to say the wrong thing while we work our way to a good answer.  We hope that you will be patient with us as we think through these things.

Among the questions will be moments of appreciation.  While I like asking and answering questions, there are things in the world which provide clarity that an answer is possible.  Beauty is an integral part of the human experience, part of our most basic makeup.  Sometimes it takes just as much work to see and enjoy beauty in the world as it does to ask/answer the hard questions.

Words are hard to get back.  It takes courage to put them out there.  This is our learning place.  Welcome.

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